The free trial version only allows you to play the first 12 levels. If you want to play all 50 levels, plus use the level editor to make your own levels, you need to purchase the full version for

$9.95   or   €9.95

You will receive a registration key by email, which enables you to turn your trial version into to the full version.

If you haven't already done so, download the free trial version now:


Seven mission packs, each with 50 brand new levels, are available to people who already purchased The Curse Of Ra.

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Each mission pack can be purchased for only:

$9.95   or   €9.95

You will receive a registration key by email.

You can pay by any of the following means:

· Credit Cards
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· Cash

If you pay by cash, please contact us first for more info.

All orders are handled by Share It!, based in the US and Germany.

If you have any enquiries regarding the order process or a placed order, please contact ShareIt!:

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The Curse Of Ra9.95
Ra's Revenge
(Mission Pack 1)
Ra's Empire
(Mission Pack 2)
Ra's Vegas
(Mission Pack 3)
Roman Invasion
(Mission Pack 4)
Greek Odyssey
(Mission Pack 5)
The Curse Of Ra
Junior Edition
The Curse Of Ra
Expert Edition

US residents can call toll-free weekdays 9AM to 5PM:


In the rest of the world, call ShareIt! in Germany:


Mention the order number:
The Curse Of Ra: 101914
Ra's Revenge (MP 1): 139050
Ra's Empire (MP 2): 149265
Ra's Vegas (MP 3): 164983
Roman Invasion (MP 4): 300106890
Greek Odyssey (MP 5): 300364961
Junior Edition: 211890
Expert Edition: 211891

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